SAS Eurobonus Cuts Economy Earnings Rates By Up To 95% Effective December 1, 2018

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SAS Eurobonus today announced changes to its frequent flier program effective December 1, 2018 for tickets issued on or after October 1st.


These changes basically decimate the number of miles earned on Go Light tickets by up to 95%. The earnings in SAS Go are basically cut in half and in fare classes T and O you earn few miles more than in SAS Light.

You can access SAS page for Eurobonus earnings here.

Here’s the announcement that SAS put up on its website:

SAS Eurobonus Until November 30 2018 News

Here are the changes:


This is really ugly. Why would anyone care if they earn 100 to 300 miles for their flight or nothing at all? I would assume that these fares are blocked earning anything on other Star Alliance programs or everyone would credit them to more competitive one.

SAS hasn’t touched the qualification criteria (at least not yet). This new earning chart also indicates that these Light fares are expanding to other markets outside of North America.