British Airways Executive Club Account(s) Compromised?

British Airways Executive app started acting up yesterday claiming that it couldn’t update data. When I tried to log into the account later online, there was a note about unusual activity and that they would need to confirm it really is me logging in.

British Airways Password Change U

BA had a really huge breach few weeks ago when credit card and other information was stolen from hundreds of thousand customers that had purchased tickets on its website and app (read more here).

You can access BA here.

British Airways Password App

BA app was claiming that the last data update was from December 31, 1969?

British Airways Password Change Contact Details

They give several options for getting one time password sent. I requested the code several times by email and it never arrived.

British Airways Password Change Google Voice

Then I decided to try the text message option today. Luckily, I have Google voice number on file with BA, like with most of travel providers, and can get these codes delivered to my email.

British Airways Password Change Code

Then everything was confirmed?

British Airways Password Change Confirmed


Not sure what is going on with BA? Why they even have the email option to get the code if they don’t send them out?

Google Voice has been a life saver many times to get all kind of codes from various programs that don’t want to send them by email for one reason or another (and then I get to send them in my preferred way which is email of course).