Reader Question: Marriott Rewards 800 Nights & 1.4 Million Lifetime Points – What To Do (Was Working Towards Lifetime Status)?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about working towards the legacy Marriott Rewards Gold lifetime status while the program changes at the end of the year and the goal post is moved.

Reader Question Lifetime Status

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m retired, but I spent lot of time on United (working on 2 million miles) and am a frequent Marriott guest. In fact, I have over 800 nights and was working on lifetime gold status when the merger happened. I have over 1.4 million points and needed 1.6 million points for lifetime gold. The important benefit to the old gold status was the lounge access.

Now, gaining lifetime gold does not get you into the lounge, you need to be platinum elite and lifetime platinum elite requires different criteria. In my case, the merger had an unfavorable impact to a loyal Marriott customer.

Here are the current lifetime Silver, Gold and Platinum criteria:

Marriott Rewards Silver Gold Platinum Lifetime Status 2015 Update Table

Note that Marriott Rewards doesn’t have any number of elite years requirement in place for its legacy program members until the end of the year.

New lifetime criteria:

Marriott Rewards New Lifetime Requirements

The new criteria emphasizes number of nights and elite years. The current Gold that essentially is the new Platinum will require 600 nights (reader has them) but needs 10 years as Platinum too.


Reader has close to three months to get the missing 200,000 points into the account. It doesn’t matter where they come from. The reader could buy 50,000 points that should still count towards the goal that would leave him 150,000 points short.

If the reader has plenty of United miles, they are also transferable to Marriott points (not at good ratio). I would only do this if no other options are left.

Perhaps getting a credit card with nice bonus could be an option too if the reader lives in a market where these are available.


The reader is so close to the Lifetime Platinum Platinum status and would even have enough nights for the Lifetime Platinum Premier but is short on required points for both.

I would do whatever is required to get the required points for the Lifetime Platinum status that comes with space available suite upgrades, lounge access/breakfast and amenity.

Do readers have any other suggestions how this member could get the last 200,000 points into his account?