Compensation Clinic: British Airways BA297 LHR-ORD Daytime A380 Flight With No Working IFE?


This week the Compensation Clinic-case comes from a friend’s flight from London to Chicago where the entire First Class section didn’t have any entertainment at all.

British Airways A380

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Here’s what happened:

  • BA flight 297 Airbus A380 from London to Chicago. They had decided to pushback without having in-flight entertainment at all. Not sure if this affected the entire plane or the first class section where the reader was.
  • The reader is Executive Club GGL (Gold Guest List) member was later offered 20,000 Avios for the inconvenience. He was surprised that BA hadn’t proactively decided to comp the in-flight WiFi with which the plane had been equipped with.

British Airways used to be more generous with compensation in cases like this and would have offered perhaps up to 50,000 Avios for no IFE at all. It would be an uphill battle to get more right now, however.


It is crazy that British Airways would decide to depart from their base with equipment that has malfunctioning IFE that would affect passengers for both sectors. Why wouldn’t they fix this at their base? Surely they don’t have anyone in Chicago to take care of the issue?

The BA297 is an afternoon flight from London to Chicago so most of the passengers must be awake and would actually use the in-flight entertainment system.