REMINDER: Hilton Honors & Lufthansa Miles&More Promotion Through October 31, 2018 (2,500 Bonus Miles For Each Stay)


Hilton Honors and Lufthansa Miles&More launched in early August (read more here) very generous promotion for 2,500 miles for each stay between August 1 – October 31, 2018 that you earn in addition to your usual base and bonus points and every reader who stay at Hilton hotels should take advantage of it.

Lufthansa A380

Many readers were first confused because Hilton Honors ended their Double Dip earlier this year that allowed members to earn both points and airline miles for their stays. Hilton, however, still retained the capability to run airline related bonus miles campaigns. You earn these Miles&More miles in addition to Hilton Honors base and promotional points. There is absolutely nothing to lose and all the miles to gain! 

You need to sign up for this offer on Hilton’s website here.

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Here’s what has posted to my Miles&More account as of this morning:


The date on the column is the check out one. Seems that there is transfer from Hilton Honors to Lufthansa Miles&More weekly. I have already had two stays (and one more tonight) that are yet to transfer.

Double Dipping with Current Hilton Honors up to Triple points promotion (read more here):

Conrad Cartagena Stay

Here I earned 2,500 Lufthansa Miles&More miles plus triple points for a resort stay under the current Hilton Honors offer.

Here’s what you need to do to get your Lufthansa miles (from my previous post):


Hilton Honors Lufthansa Miles&More Bonus Miles Registration

When you register for this offer on the Hilton’s website, there is no box where to input your Lufthansa Miles&More number.

You need to access your Hilton Honors (access here) account and click Preferences on the left bar:

Hilton Honors Miles&More Promotion My Profile Preferences

Here you can then add or delete travel partners:

Hilton Honors Miles&More Promotion My Profile Preferred Travel Partners

You have to make sure that the hotel folio has the Lufthansa Miles&More number visible when you check out. If it is not, make sure that the agent changes it on OnQ (Hilton’s system). Otherwise the miles  won’t post.


This is a fantastic offer and all Hilton Honors members should take advantage of it through the end of October. There is absolutely no downside as you earn the Miles&More miles in addition to the Hilton Honors base, bonus and promotional points.

I already have 28 stays posted under this promotion to Miles&More and 2 more done that are on their way. Seems that I will end up somewhere between 40 to 50 stays and more than 100,000 Miles&More miles that is nice Lufthansa First class flight to somewhere albeit with high fuel surcharges.