Turkish Airlines Rolls Out Wireless Entertainment System On 44 Aircraft That Don’t Feature Inflight Entertainment

Turkish Airlines has informed their Miles&Smiles members via email that they have deployed a new wireless entertainment system on those aircraft without integrated inflight (in-seat) entertainment.

The system comes as a remedy to give passengers something to do when flying on one of these 44 affected aircraft though the new system requires the prior download of the application.

In fact this solution is nothing new and airlines such as Lufthansa have followed the same path as it’s a relatively cheap alternative compared to equipping whole planes with inflight entertainment (IFE) systems.

Of course in order to use any such system it requires the passenger to carry one of the suitable electronic devices and also download the app required to facilitate the system ahead of time.

The app is available via Apple iTunes here.

It’s also available via Google Play Store here.

Turkish Airlines describes the new system like this:

We have developed a new Wireless Entertainment System for the Turkish Airlines passengers (who will fly with any of our 44 airplanes that do not contain an entertainment system) to make their international flights even more enjoyable.

You can now watch recent movies and television series, listen to new music and audio books, monitor the current location and route of the plane, answer service and discover more with your mobile device or laptop.


It works quite well onboard of the Lufthansa flights and I usually carry my laptop with me. The same might not hold true for many other travelers who simply have no reason to drag a tablet or computer around.

Either or, in the end it’s not really mandatory to always look onto a screen. One can always sleep, read or talk to a travel partner and these jets that are affected by this measure don’t operate very long flights. Does anyone know which aircraft in TK’s fleet are currently missing an entertainment system?