Hilton Honors Milestone Bonuses Starting At 40 Nights


Hilton Honors made an announcement in early January this year (read more here) changes instituted into the program during 2018 and one one of them was the introduction of milestone bonuses.

Hilton Honors Milestone Bonuses

Hilton Honors members earn 10,000 extra bonus points for every 10 nights starting at 40 and an additional 30,000 points when reaching 60 nights (40,000 bonus at the 60 nights mark).

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Note that all type of nights count towards these milestone bonuses. Paid and awards are equally qualifying.

You are reminded both on app and website on your next achievement:


Hilton Honors Milestone Bonus 60 Nights App


Hilton Honors Milestone Bonus 60 Nights

Bonus posting

Hilton Honors Milestone Bonus 50 Nights Hilton Lima Miraflores

The bonus post as a separate line on your account statement from the stay but within a day.


These milestone bonuses are one reason to keep staying with Hilton Honors past the qualification requirement of Gold or Diamond.

My next 60 night bonus of 40,000 points should post sometime tomorrow when the stay from the other night should clear into the account. This is the biggest of these milestone bonuses. I will hit the 70 night one too but not sure if I will end up spending 80 nights this year with Hilton. We’ll see,

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