Hyatt Is Sending Out Strange Globalist Requalification Emails Despite Threshold Not Being Reached

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World of Hyatt has sent out emails congratulating some members to the qualification of another year as Globalist member despite the 55 night requirement not being fulfilled.

In my case I only have 45 nights year to date and received said email this morning, the online account doesn’t reflect any status extension though.

I was surprised when this email arrived today but since it’s well known that Hyatt’s IT isn’t exactly sophisticated this can have lots of reasons.

The same happened last year for whatever reason even though back then I had 55 nights during the first year of Globalist status and at least officially the extension during that year wouldn’t happen unless the member reached 60 nights.

For this year my account presently looks as follows:

Not sure why I would get that strange email because the account doesn’t reflect any status extension right now.

Did you get this email as well? Check your inbox and WOH account in case you’re one of the recipients.


I’m qualifying for Globalist without any problems this year and probably just clock in the 60 nights again just for the extra Cat 6 certificate but these emails from Hyatt are confusing.

Why would they constantly move the goalpost for Globalist qualification or in the very least get their IT infrastructure under control in order to stop incorrect mailings and website malfuction?