Reader Question: Why I am Out Of Hotels Every Other Night?


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email after seeing a piece that I wrote about the Hilton Honors & Miles&More promotion (read more here) that showed some of my recent stay history.

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Here’s the reader email:

What do you do that you are in and out of hotels every other night.

I live in hotels non stop, but for extended periods of time, and it is difficult enough for me adjusting to new beds. New pillows, new everything, b is it I’m fortunate to have several hilton timeshares.

How was Cartagena Conrad? I was just looking today as I saw some good pricing in case I am back in the states in Florida for two months, and want to go there, but probably I will remain in south Florida and try to pick up as many Hyatt place nights as possible, as this is my best opportunity to do so every year to maintain my Globalist status.

Hilton does so much  on stays, when I actually will have 100 plus nights between July 1 and October 31 but only 15,000 mikes and more miles earned.

Well. I probably should write about a piece about this some other time but I have been living out from mainly Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott and SPG hotels for the past 15 years. More than 300+ nights every year to the point that I don’t have a real home per se that some may find difficult to believe.

I like trying out different hotels and I feel that it actually keeps me more organized too when I switch them daily. Also, if some hotel is less than stellar, I can always just stay there for a quick overnight.

Some promotions are based on stays like this Miles&More one while others award based on the number of nights.

Alfredo wrote a piece about Conrad Cartagena (read more here) but I didn’t find the hotel to be very good at all. The Sofitel hotel in the walled city is far superior – Conrad is out of the city center.


I am typing this piece at a DoubleTree hotel on my way to a Sheraton in Latin America. Well. I couldn’t do this if I would need to stay at “select service” hotels (read – no service) but it is not that bad when you have top tier status and have been to many of these several times in the past that will positively affect your upgrades.

The hotel promo environment was very different 15 years ago with never ending FFN’s from Hyatt (basically buy one – get one free when Mastercard charge on a free or Priceline night triggered another qualifying stay) combined with G and bonus miles offers, and free night cert offers from Hilton too.

Probably wouldn’t begin this 15-year long Hilton/Hyatt/IHG/Marriott/SPG hotel stay in current environment.