What Is The Most Powerful Passport In 2018?

Henley & Partners has again tapped to the information maintained by International Air Transport Association (IATA) to come up with the updated Passport Index for 2018.

Henley Passport Index

The IATA information that Henley here must be referring to is more commonly known as Timatic that airlines use to determine if you have all the necessary travel documents to your final destination at the time of checking in and DENY if you don’t.

Here’s the infographics from Henley:

Download (PDF, 1.54MB)


You can file this in the good to know department.

I just don’t like the reason why Henley & Partners publishes these indexes. They are basically in the business of selling passports to citizens with not so clean backgrounds or from countries with lot of travel restrictions based on their passports.

There are even EU countries such as Malta and Austria that allow one to become a citizen with relatively modest investment.