Aegean Miles+Bonus Buy Miles 50% Bonus Through October 31, 2018

Aegean Miles+Bonus program has launched new sale for buying their miles at 50% bonus through October 31, 2018.

Aegean Miles+Bonus

Members with at least one credited flight can buy up to 50,000 miles before any possible bonuses during their membership year or from their last tier upgrade/retain. Those that no activity can buy maximum of 30,000 miles. 

You can access Miles+Bonus here.

Here’s the bonus schedule:

Aegean Miles+Bonus Price


Miles+Bonus sent me the the email to buy miles (again) but my account is not actually eligible to buy them because I purchased the maximum allowed during similar sale in December (not yet 12 months).

I wrote about my two Miles+Bonus award redemptions for flights on Asiana and Air China within Asia earlier this year (access here). I found them to be good value and the process rather painless.

The price of a mile under this sale if you buy the maximum amount is 1.67 euro cents each. This is the highest bonus that Miles+Bonus has ever offered to buy their miles.

Here are the terms and conditions of buying miles from Aegean:

  1. Award miles can be purchased by all active Miles+Bonus Members, regardless of their tier.
  2. Members are eligible to purchase up to 50,000 Award miles within their membership year (twelve consecutive months from their enrollment or last tier upgrade/retain). It is clarified that Members that haven’t registered at least one flight on their Miles+Bonus account, are eligible to purchase up to 30,000 Award miles.
  3. Purchase of Award miles cannot be canceled after completion, thus the transaction value is non-refundable.
  4. Award miles are sold in sets of thousand (1,000) at the price of 25.00€ per set.
  5. Award miles are credited to the Member’s Account immediately after the completion of the transaction.
  6. Purchase of Award miles can be realized only online, through, after the Member logs in to Miles+Bonus using his/her personal credentials.
  7. The purchased Award miles are subject to the terms and conditions of Award miles as those are referred to the Miles+Bonus program.