Fabulous Fridays: Complimentary Weekday Las Vegas Hotel Rooms For Total Rewards Members (Resort Fee Applies, Waived For Diamond Members!)


Our Fabulous Fridays topic this week is about Caesars Entertainment that currently has a Las Vegas midweek promotion where the company gives away hotel rooms at a $0 rate to all Total Rewards Members (plus applicable resort fee).

In addition, Total Rewards Diamond members will have that resort fee waived and would stay entirely for free at the hotels which include Harrahs, the LINQ and the RIO.

These are some of the lowest priced hotels to begin with unless it’s weekend or convention season but hey in the end it’s a free hotel room right on the center strip (except for the Rio).

In order to have these rates displayed you need to be signed in with a TR account (access Caesars Total Rewards here).

As this is a players club, the membership has to be activated with a valid photo ID at any Caesars Hotel once you reach the casino.

I found out about this when I checked prices for an upcoming Las Vegas trip on the Total Rewards website, keeping in mind that these prices aren’t gaming comps or special activity related offers but publicly displayed rates:

The resort fee would be US$35 plus tax per day but since I used their status match offer in spring I will get all the fees waived and end up with an entirely free stay for 2x 3 days.

As I wrote previously, Caesars Entertainment Gaming Program Total Rewards returned the status match to their very solid Diamond level from competing tiers of other gaming loyalty schemes until December 31st.

There might be some of our readers who still have MLife Platinum through the MGM/Hyatt Partnership match which was possible until February last year (see my old article here). Those who have done this can now cross-match over to TR Diamond.

I usually match the status at the TR  Harrahs Las Vegas where they do it quickly and without any issues (so far managed to match back-to-back from my MGM status for as long as they have this promotion).

Also, John wrote yesterday about yet another match option from Wyndham Rewards to Total Rewards.

Unfortunately the upgrades have been slim to none for me at most Caesars properties and the Diamond Lounges now require to use points for each visit.


The properties available under this promotion aren’t the most prestigious ones and during the week rates are generally cheap in the $20-40 range but for a quick few nights it’s definitely ok. The real advantage is if you can get that Diamond match in then that’s where the real value lies even if you book a paid night at one of their hotels. Resort fees can easily reach or exceed $40 in Las Vegas and that’s per night so saving that is always welcome.