SPG Branding Is Back Online?

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Yesterday, I wrote a piece (access here) about logging in to SPG where I was presented with Marriott’s website and merely using the Starwood credential to access it.

SPG Branding Is Back

Seems that everything is back to the previous normal today meaning you are on the Marriott Rewards website that shows still shows the SPG branding, although there are no longer SPG accounts in reality (they are only a flag on Marriott’s database).

You can access Marriott’s website here.


Marriott SPG U


It won’t be that long before the SPG branding is phased out entirely and I am sure that people at the Marriott’s ivory tower would love to see this happening rather sooner than later.

The Starwood’s back end system that many hotels still use should switch to Marriott’s Marsha by October 30th and hotels are also switching to customized version of Opera. Interesting to see how this will play out.