Reader Question: Legacy Starwood Stays Posting Without The Platinum Amenity?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding an issue affecting legacy Starwood stays that appear to be posting without Platinum amenity.

Marriott SPG

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have noticed that off late 1000 platinum bonus points aren’t posted for stays on its own. Even for stays transferred from SPG to Marriott, 1500(500×3) bonus points were excluded even though they were posted on spg before the merger.

Reader Question Activity

I am a Platinum Elite Guest, always chose points option but the same are not credited. I have had to reach out to my Ambassador who has retroactively posted 1000 points for some of the stays but lot of them from past and the current stays platinum bonus points are still not posted. Please see screenshot of my recent stays where the platinum bonus points aren’t posted.

When the SPG activity was converted the to Marriott Rewards platform on August 18th, the points were multiplied by three. The historical account activity (for stays before August 18) that you now see online doesn’t necessarily show correctly that the Platinum amenity was deposited even when it was.

There appears to be, however, an issue with legacy Starwood properties posting the Platinum amenity points as of late (that Marriott devalued by 33%). They haven’t posted to my stays at all and either require separate manual posting from the hotel or intervention from the Ambassador both requiring an email or two.


You can add this to the ever increasing list of merger issues with Marriott trying to bring Starwood Preferred Guest members to their platform that appears to be not up to the task and requires lots of manual intervention at every turn.

You would think that posting the Platinum amenity would be a highly automated process requiring close to zero human intervention? Unfortunately that appears not to be the case anymore and hence these emails back and worth.

No wonder why it can take hours to talk to someone or weeks to get a reply to an email if you ever get one….