Priority Pass Expanding To Airport Merchant Discounts

Priority Pass dropped us an email on Tuesday that members can now expect to see various offers in addition to the usual lounges when they use the app at airports around the world.

Priority Pass

Seems that the F&B offers tend to be 10% off, although up to 20% off in Kuala Lumpur, and other retail ones rather sparse at this time that is not unexpected as they just launched this.

You can access Priority Pass here.

Here’s what is shown at this time for Kuala Lumpur (satellite):


Not sure if 10% discount will sway anyone in one way or another when it comes to F&B spend at the airport (where the prices are usually high to begin with). Perhaps if the discount is 30% they would catch my attention.

I guess that these offers are targeted to those Priority Pass members that don’t have unlimited visit memberships or cannot guest everyone with whom they are traveling with.

Also, these dining discounts are often at the same airports where you have restaurants offering “Priority Pass Dining” too. Not sure why I would rather choose rather small discount instead of a credit?

Interesting development that I may try at some point if I see a worthwhile discount that I could use.