American Airlines Admirals Club Fee Increase & Admittance Changes


American Airlines is changing its Admirals Club pricing by increasing it $100 across the board and discontinuing household membership discounts on February 1, 2019.

American Airlines

Also, the admittance rules are changing effective November 1, 2019 requiring members to be on Oneworld marketing or operated flight or on Alaska to gain entry. You can no longer access Admirals Club despite being a member if flying let’s say on Southwest or United.

You can access American Airlines page for Admirals membership here.

Here are the pricing changes:


American Airlines AAdvantage Admirals Club Price


American Airlines AAdvantage Admirals Club Price In Miles


You essentially need to have same day boarding pass on American Airlines, Oneworld or Alaska Airlines to access the lounge under these new rules. Previously, you could access Admirals Club when flying on any airline if you were a member.

The household price is becoming ridiculously high effectively doubling the price as the discount is gone. Looks like American Airlines is here pushing everyone to get the credit card that comes with the Admirals Club access for a lower fee.

When I was flying on American Airlines, I merely paid for the access to get help during irregular operations (I guess that the price was in the $250 range in the 2000’s?).