Would You Sit On Urine For 40,000 Avios?


Seems that British Airways cannot escape negative publicity with their aging fleet (especially on these leisure destinations) and borderline non-existing cleaning between flights.

British Airways Urine

British Airways passenger who was flying from Gatwick to Jamaica found that his business class seat was saturated with urine after sitting on it for a while.

Here’s an excerpt from the GloucestershireLive (access the piece here):

The incident happened when he was on a flight to Jamaica. Luckily he had a spare change of clothes in his hand luggage and so able to get changed.

“Then I noticed that the pillow that I was sat on was a little damp and I stood up and then so were my trousers.

“I turned the pillow over and you could see that the pillow and the entire seat was saturated in urine. The cabin crew tried to take the seat cover off and it was disgusting as it had soaked right though.

He said: “I feel that the way that they dealt with the complaint was very short sighted. The company offered me 40,000 air miles which for me just didn’t seem enough to compensate what had happened.

“The cabin crew put my trousers in a plastic bag, but I was not able to wash them on holiday as there are no clothes washing facilities, so when I got back I just had to throw them in the bin.”

Andy said: “The lady at British Airways who dealt with the complaint was very nice and everything but I really do not think that they were right to offer me airmiles. The jeans I was wearing were Armani and cost £150 and they did not offer a replacement either.

“As CEDR were then dealing with the complaint from then on, they eventually deemed that British Airways had offered a sufficient amount of compensation.”


There really is an issue with British Airways cleaning their airplanes between rotations. The cleaners should have noticed that the business class seat was wet and replaced it but they didn’t. Also, the airline uses their absolute oldest planes for these leisure destinations and it shows.

Seems that the previous passenger may have had too many adult beverages on the flight back to London and soaked him/herself…

Not sure why the passenger was not able to use the hotel’s cleaning services in Jamaica to have the jeans washed rather than throwing then to bin when back in the UK? Shouldn’t have cost more than $20 at max. I often send my dress shirts to the hotel laundry, however expensive that might be.

I am actually surprised that British Airways offered 40,000 Avios for this inconvenience considering how little they have offered lately for all issues. I would value 40,000 Avios at $400.

The CEDR that we suggest that people use to for their complaints with British Airways found that this was an appropriate compensation. There is an another venue in the UK called MCOL (Money Claim Online).

I would think that 40,000 Avios or similar monetary value would be an appropriate compensation for this cleaning crew oversight. It is certainly not the best way to start a vacation in Jamaica but not the end of the world at the same time either.