Air France Introduces FlexFly (Resell Your Nonrefundable Tickets)


Air France has introduced new product called FlexFly that comes out of their entrepreneurship program.

Air France

FlexFly allows passengers to resell their unwanted tickets at 50% discount off the face value (if there is a buyer).

You can access FlexFly here.

Note that FlexFly is only available for Air France tickets directly purchased with the airline.

Here’s how FlexFly works per Air France:

FlexFly Explanation

Here are the available tickets today:

FlexFly Results


Not sure why Air France feels that they need to offer this? If you have nonrefundable ticket and you cannot fly, the airline gets to keep the entire revenue (and likely has resold your seat anyway by overbooking the flight in anticipation of certain number of passengers doing this).

It could theoretically be a good way for the passenger to recoup half of the value of the ticket that they no longer can use.

Interesting to see if this will catch on. Air France could easily allow modification of these tickets by allowing free feeders and other sweeteners.