Ending Bottled Water In Favor Of Water Filtering System In Hotel Rooms – Is This Really A Good Idea?


An ever more increasing number of hotels are now going the eco-friendly way and some have now stopped providing bottled water in favor of an installed water filtering system.

Even though the filtered water provided by these systems is perfectly fine for drinking, depending on where in the world (in which city) it’s being installed the water still just doesn’t taste right.

I stayed at the Element Kuala Lumpur this week which opened last year and while I’m a big fan of that property I’m not sure what to think about not providing bottled water.

The property has installed the 3M Water Filtering System in all units but only included one single faucet for it at the kitchenette which means if you need filtered water in the bathroom you have to get yourself a cup from the kitchen.

Element Hotels are generally eco friendly driven and I really like their residential style accommodations that are a notch above aloft but this might be a step too far.

When I stayed at the Alila Ubud Bali last year they also had an environmentally friendly solution which was that they operate their own filtering system and bottling plant on site. The hotel fills glass bottles which are then distributed to the guest rooms.

At least this way you can have some in the bathroom as well if you want to use it to brush your teeth or wash your mouth/face for which tap water isn’t always recommended, especially in South East Asia.



All nice and well when it comes to protecting the environment but a hotel should consider the practical aspect of things first and foremost. I’m not someone who uses filtered water everywhere he goes and in fact I’ll drink tap water without any problems when being in Germany or Japan. I’d never do this in many other countries that use a lot of chlorine or where the water is actually contaminated and South East Asia is notorious for water causing health problems. Even for the purpose of brushing your teeth it tastes weird so yeah, better to get bottled or filtered water in the bathroom as well.

When at the Element I used the filtered water for a cup of tea. I wouldn’t say it tasted bad but maybe I just have a bias and in the end went to buy a bottle of water at the 7/11 downstairs. Do you support ending bottled water supply at hotels?