UAE Now Requires Travelers To Fill Electronic Form To get Clearance For All Medication


UAE is making it more difficult for travelers to visit or event transit the country who are using prescription or over the counter medication.


Starting this month travelers need to get prior clearance from Ministry of Health by filling out a form on the website, uploading copy of their passport, prescription, airline ticket(s), accommodation information and other required documents. These will be reviewed in a day and passenger inspected at the port of entry.

You can access the website to fill out the form here.

Here are the guidelines:

Download (PDF, 7.85MB)

Prohibited and limited medication:

Download (PDF, 721KB)

Here’s an excerpt from Gulf News (access their piece here):

All tourists and residents of UAE will now be required to fill in an electronic form to get approval to carry any kind of medication for personal use, said a top Ministry of Health and Prevention official. The Import of Personal Medication service was launched at Gitex 2018.

The service, which is a part of the ministry’s strategy to enhance community health, provides more supervision in the approval of medicines being brought in by passengers through direct and indirect means.

The service is activated via the creation of a profile on the ministry’s website, followed by the uploading of the required documents, which will be reviewed and approved within one working day by the ministry. The medicines will be checked at the country’s entry ports by a ministry inspector with the cooperation of customs.

Here’s the 77 page guide how to do this:

Download (PDF, 3.86MB)


I bet that this is law is used to catch people that UAE wants to arrest for one reason or another like the requirement for having a alcohol license to even drink on Emirates that isn’t a problem until it is.

Doubt that many travelers (in transit) are going to register their prescription and over the counter meds and would this Ministry of Health even have enough employees to go through this information to approve them all?