Fabulous Fridays: Fresh Fruit & Veggie Juice Bars At The Hotel Breakfast Buffet


The Fabulous Friday we have a special feature that some hotels have now implemented at their breakfast buffet: A juice bar where fresh fruit and vegetable juices are being prepared for the guests.

Many hotels especially in Asia have now joined this trend and offer fresh juices for breakfast such as at the Park Hyatt Beijing where I took the picture above.

One major problem at many restaurants and especially at breakfast is that the fruit juices offered are actually not fresh but some extremely sweet sugary solution that is supposed to resemble juice of whatever sort.

I’m always surprised when it’s really difficult to get an actual fresh squeezed orange juice at a hotel, even if I offer to pay for it as it’s not part of the regular buffet.

In the last two weeks I visited China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong where I was positively surprised to see that fresh juices are making a comeback and not only in five star hotels. Even the Element in Kuala Lumpur has fresh squeezed juices (and one of the best breakfast buffets during my entire trip) which I certainly didn’t expect there. The new W Kuala Lumpur had bottled juices and Coconuts.


Fresh fruit can be obtained relatively cheap in many countries so it’s really a shame when hotels don’t take advantage of that and rather go for the money saving route. If properties like the Element KL can afford to provide it then various four stars in Thailand, Indonesia etc should as well.