Reader Question: Have Hyatt Hotels Rolled Back Cash & Points Availability Until New Rates Go Into Effect In Order To Siphon Off More Cash?


Today we have a Reader Question about Hyatt’s announcement this week that they would gut their Cash&Points awards starting Nov 1 and if it’s possible that hotels disabled their availability for these awards until the new rates are active.

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Last week John has already written about Hyatt gutting the Cash&Points awards per November 1st, 2018 which leaves members with only a few days to pre-book a few of these awards before they’ll eventually be rendered useless by early next week.

You can access the dedicated website for the World of Hyatt changes respective to the new award conditions.

Today our reader Carly from San Francisco writes to ask if Hyatt or their hotels have done anything to limit the availability of Cash & Points awards in the upcoming days/weeks to maybe prevent a last minute run from members.


I’m about to fly to Hong Kong and Thailand next week as a last minute trip booked on United miles. I also have numerous Hyatt points and Explorist status with them so I was looking into cash and points bookings for hotels in HK as well as Hua Hin and Bangkok. In the past these were always available and I’ve stayed at Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui many times, yet right now nothing is opened up. Did Hyatt or the hotel do this on purpose? The new rates aren’t attractive at all anymore and I’d rather pay cash or full points outright. Cheers!

I asked for her dates and checked myself to find that indeed there aren’t any cash & points awards available, only regular awards.

It has always been the case that hotels can set their own quota and availability for the Cash & Points awards which (depending on the property) has been pretty dismal. I was able to sometimes ask the property to open a cash & points award for me and in many cases they did so but generally speaking C&P has always been hit and miss for the customer.

Hotels are trying to drive their revenue this way and only open up awards which offer them the best possible reimbursement by World of Hyatt. You also often see hotels play around with their room availability and not selling any standard rooms at all but instead only have “Deluxe King” or “View King” available, especially during peak and event dates. Background of that is that as long as a standard King/Twin room is available for sale it can be booked on points as well which drives revenue away from the hotel until they manage to pretty much sell out that night.


As per the question if it’s intentional that hotels are limiting the c&p availability in the next few weeks I’d say maybe, it’s a possibility. However as I mentioned these awards were often scarce to begin with. I was definitely able to find some c&p awards for other properties myself and booked those for future dates.

I agree with the notion that the new system of charging 50% of the base standard rate (not even the member rate) plus the points amount is totally out of whack in most cases and in no way is it worth it anymore to supplement 50% of the points for such a high cash amount.