Reader Question: SPG Lifetime Issue After 25 Stays And/Or 50 nights?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about an issue with SPG Lifetime status after reaching the required 10 years of Platinum status with the program.

Marriott Rewards Lifetime Status

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I just hit my 25th SPG (only) stay last week (but still 49 nights), nothing happened, no change to my platinum elite year count continuing to show 9 yrs instead of 10. I figured ok maybe it would update once I hit the 50th night.

This week I hit the 50th night, again, nothing happened 3 days after the stay was posted.

I emailed SPG platinum service (whom in the past always promptly responded with effective solutions) suddenly replied with generic message (asking me to go to the website to report missing stay which was not relevant to what I asked them to). I replied and asked them to re-read my message and I reply after 2 days.

Any of your fans have the same issues on getting the 10th year recognized and/or recently experience a big downgrade on SPG customer service via email?

Marriott and SPG members have basically three ways to reach the status by the end of the way:

1. Legacy Marriott one

Marriott Rewards Silver Gold Platinum Lifetime Status 2015 Update Table

2. Legacy SPG one

– 10 years as a Platinum member and minimum of 500 nights

3. Combining your Marriott and SPG accounts

The reader here tries to fulfill the requirement on his SPG account (that in reality is Marriott account with a SPG flag).

Seems that the reader has fulfilled the requirements but the Marriott’s IT is failing him like many others. I would assume that the lifetime year status is fixed at sometime by the end of the year.

The customer service levels of both Marriott Rewards and especially what SPG members were previously used to have deteriorated a lot. You often get completely incorrect information if you get a reply at all and even that can take weeks.


Marriott would do them a big favor by fixing the customer service issues that have been plaguing the program in addition to the IT ones ever since the August program merger. I guest that they just hired warm bodies to churn out replies whether correct or not (sometimes completely made up).

As long as the reader has 500 SPG nights and 10 years as SPG Platinum member, he will be Lifetime Platinum member at some point (who knows when though).