Compensation Clinic: Service Issues At Park Hyatt Beijing (Fouled Up Limousine Pickup, Failed Restaurant Reservations, Construction)


Our Compensation Clinic case today is about a recent Park Hyatt stay where the concierge managed to foul up many different requests including a pick up at the airport during the early morning hours.

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Last week I had a very early morning arrival at Beijing airport where taxi availability can be difficult in the late night and since I needed an early check-in at 7am I decided to invest in an (overpriced) limousine service.

Being willing to pay for that service is usually the easiest way to get a hotel to grant a very early check-in as it’s good money for them. Keep in mind the official check-in time is usually between 2-3 pm even though as Hyatt Globalist early check-in has never been an issue as long as the hotel isn’t sold out.

I called the concierge the day before to arrange the pickup and he said no problem – well it was a problem as no driver had been arranged when I arrived at PEK. I called the hotel and ended up having to take a taxi which reeked of gasoline.

Next surprise was that the entire hotel is currently undergoing renovations and the property has been remodeled to a maze. It’s super complicated and annoying to get to your room, the skylobby is entirely closed and check-in takes now place on the level of the former Business Center.

The next day I had a morning meeting at China Grill where the breakfast is available. I asked the Concierge to reserve a private booth for 9:45am which again he confirmed. Arriving at the restaurant nobody knew about said reservations and only small tables in the middle of the restaurant were available.

I complained to the General Manager who was apologetic and instructed the relevant department to credit 10,000 Hyatt points to my account.


While 10k points are nice it was too much trouble for such a small amount. I leave it at this and won’t come back until they at least finished up the renovations in February 2019. It’s really a shame, this was once one of Beijing’s best hotels. The staff quality however has now been reduced to Holiday Inn Standard or worse.