Mystery Emirates & China Eastern Miles Deposited To Marriott Rewards & SPG Accounts?


Starwood Preferred Guest had airline partnerships with Delta, Emirates and China Eastern of which the latter two survived the Marriott takeover (merger officially – I know).

SPG Weird Activity

My SPG account was register with both Delta and Emirates (and Uber too). Over the weekend, I had some mystery points deposited to my account and I have no idea what for?

You can access Marriott Rewards here.

I had six deposits from 99 to 294 points with a deposit date of October 27, 2018 with a note “Emirates & China Eastern Miles”.


I have not flown with Emirates for a while (and not deposited anything for Skywards account for a very long time) and my account has not been linked with China Eastern at all.

Marriott’s “stabilized” platform keeps doling out points to apparently to an incorrect account. I would assume that these are gone in due course unless there has been a promotion for linked Emirates accounts for some sort of bonus points that I have not been aware of (unlikely).