Marriott Rewards (SPG) & “Emirates & China Eastern Miles” Mystery Deepens


Yesterday, I wrote a piece (access here) about weird deposits made to my Marriott Rewards account under “Emirates & China Eastern Miles” headline over the weekend.

Marriott Rewards Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Emirates Your World Rewards

SPG had airline partnerships with Delta, Emirates and China Eastern of which the latter two survived the Marriott takeover. A reader noted that these lines on the account statement were actually mile deposits to the airline and he was correct..

You can access Marriott’s page for Emirates partnership here.

Here what was posted to my Marriott Rewards (SPG) account:

SPG Weird Activity

Here’s what I found on my Emirates account:

Emirates Skywards Statement


You would need to be Skywards elite (Silver,Gold or Platinum) member to earn miles for Marriott/SPG stays and I am definitely not (used to be years ago).

As you can see from my Skywards statement above, I used some Skywards miles for Easyjet redemption when they were about to expire (had no other reasonable use) and then had small number turn to dust. Without a doubt these thousand or so miles will vaporize in 2022 unless Marriott continues to deposit miles for stays that they shouldn’t.