Listeria Outbreak At United’s Newark Kitchen?

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CNBC was reporting today about a lawsuit that former employees at United’s Newark “kitchen” had filed for wrongful termination and retaliation seeking damages from the airline.

United had failed the maintain the facility, keep the food cooled at the right temperature and even discard potentially harmful food.  

You can access the CNBC’s article here of which below is an excerpt:

United Airlines did not address persistent maintenance issues at its catering facility at Newark airport, which allowed the spread of several strains of the bacteria listeria, including the potentially deadly Listeria monocytogenes, the lawsuits say. Further, once the listeria was discovered, they say, United didn’t act aggressively to contain it.

United further engaged in a pattern of disregard for food safety and attempted to cover up problems, according to the lawsuits brought by United’s former senior manager of food safety, Marcia Lee, General Manager of the Newark catering facility Eliot Mosby, and Newark Food Safety Manager Gustavo Moya.

Specifically, Mosby and Moya say in their lawsuits, when they spoke up about the “intolerable conditions” at the Newark catering facility and pushed for resources to address them, they were stripped of their duties, reassigned to far-flung offices or forced to resign.


So, eating the food supplied by the United can literally kill you unless they drag and beat you out of the airplane first (might save your life though).

You should read the entire CNBC article that proves how sad state the United’s food preparation facilities in Newark are.