Reader Email: Shambolic Marriott Rewards Customer Service


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email about an issue that many Marriott Rewards & SPG members are currently facing – customer service that has basically collapsed.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I would hate to bore you and your readers and I am not sure if you have touched already on the matter I will describe below to do with the diabolical merger aftermath effect between Marriott and SPG. I am currently a Platinum Premier Elite member with over 200 nights this year alone (with some events) and my issue is as follows:

A. Points that have been deducted from my account and have been used to issue an E-certificate in April have disappeared with no trace.

B. The bookings that was made in May for next year are showing but with an inflated number of points; double or triple to the original points needed.

C. It took two months and six executive members from the reward team in the UK to finally allocate the E-certificate and attach the points back to the two reservations that they have been used for (this includes many phone calls proving my side with screenshots and retrieving old confirmation emails for point deduction – at least 10 hours work).

D. To this date, despite having email correspondence since the beginning of September, no-one can tell me what is the correct amount of points that were originally associated with my future bookings. Some bookings have identical rooms of which one has a certain amount of points and the other has a different amount of points despite the fact they are identical.

E. First, I was advised that booking without an E-certificate would have to be charged at the new point ratio. Then, I was advised that indeed the “old system” will be honoured and, then again, in contradiction, that it’s only the new system moving forward.

Personally, I am so disappointed by this situation since I love the Marriott brand and I use it both for business and pleasure and it is part of my life. However, I cannot get my head around the dazed and confused way of the reward teams and how the merger has been applied. I almost feel that when I call the centre I need to explain the rules, terms and conditions and terminology, since by now I am probably more knowledgeable than them. The only difference is that I do not get paid by the hour for doing so.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that apparently I have now been nominated with an “ambassador” and hopefully they will be able to look into my case and unveil the truth. While this is encouraging news indeed, my requests and questions are simple day to day facts and transactions which I used to do online without the help of a human being. I just hope this saga will be over soon and we can go back to work. Am I reaching for the stars?

We have covered these issues around the extremely messy Marriott Rewards & SPG merger here in LoyaltyLobby. Marriott CEO recently commented that the merger had been more bumpy than they had anticipated and that there is some “noise around the edges” (read more here).

We recently covered an issue where the points from the member’s account had been withdrawn for the second time and the customer service couldn’t have been less helpful (read more here).

There are good and not so good Ambassadors. They are also struggling with the Marriott/SPG merger and the number of members each is overseeing is increasing by 50% (read more here). Not sure how they can be able to provide customized service under such circumstances.


There are many extremely frustrated members that have been struggling with the Marriott Rewards customer service as of late from very long wait times to simply incorrect information.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. It takes hours and countless emails to get simple issue resolved such as missing stay posted to one’s account that previously could have been achieved by sending an email or over a chat.

This certainly cannot be a way to run a successful business in the long run.