Hilton Honors Stay Posting Issue


Several LoyaltyLobby readers have contacted us regarding Hilton Honors points that have not posted for stays that took place before the loyalty system upgrade (October 31).

Hilton Honors New Update

After the update, Hilton Honors had a message up that they would post the missing stays by November 2nd. Well. It is now November 3rd and the message that Hilton Honors displays has changed to non-committal when the points are actually in our accounts.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s the previous message:

Hilton Maintenance Update

Here’s what has posted to my account for the stay:

Hilton Honors New Update Activity

Usually when the stay posts as a zero, you need to contact Hilton Honors and have them to fix it.


Let’s hope that the new and improved system that was supposed to speed up stay postings will fix these issues promptly and without us having to do retroclaims

Seems that there is an issue how the account statement displays the old stays with ZERO miles earned when it fact they did earn 2,500 Lufthansa Miles&More for the promotion that just ended. When you expand the earnings details it will give the correct breakdown, however.