Marriott Rewards Ambassador Service Email Inbox Full?


Seems that we have reached a new low on the Marriott Rewards Ambassador service. Not talking about the non-existent level of service in the first place (keep watching the annoying video that is played on an endless loop at the properties).

Marriott Email Inbox

The emails to Ambassador service are bouncing back indicating that the -domain has exceeded their dedicated storage.

Surely my Ambassador will be happy about the email that I had sent her after the bounced one which I am certain will bounce too:

Marriott Email Inbox Follow

Here’s the only Ambassador video that is still available on YouTube:

This is by far not the most obnoxious one.


The SPG Ambassador service was great when it was by invitation only and each employee handled 50 or so accounts. Then it was made formal and number of accounts that each Ambassador handled expanded.

The latest word was that the number of accounts that each Ambassador covers moved to 300 from 200 (read more here) and many former SPG Ambassador level employees decided to move on like members. There is no way that they can provide the level of service that Marriott continues to promise on their marketing. Over promising and under delivering is not a recipe for long-term success.

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