Whine Wednesdays: Marriott’s Stabilized Platform?


Well. This must be the whine topic of the year if not the entire decade that we have covered extensively (unfortunately) ever since Marriott has tried to (unsuccessfully) merge and stabilize its loyalty program platform from August 18th.

Marriott Rewards & SPG Stabilized Platform

The screenshot above is from my attempt to sign in to my Marriott Rewards account about an hour ago that was unsuccessful. I just presented with an error message “Please try again later”.


It is now almost three months since the SPG accounts were moved to Marriott’s platform and we still need to deal with this crap.

Most of the major issues that were first plaguing accounts have been resolved but there are still matters that Marriott has not dealt with. Many readers have reported that their account history has suddenly disappeared. Points and nights are added to their accounts but there is no way to know for what and if they are correct.

My solution for this madness has been to mostly to book away from Marriott and legacy SPG properties until all the issues have been resolved. I have no patience to chase missing stays, correct incorrect postings and deal with bouncing emails because Marriott’s email infrastructure has reached its capacity limits (read more here).

I hope that they could get this fixed one day…