LATAM Pass Status Match Is Back (Oneworld Sapphire & Emerald)


LATAM is Oneworld member airline that was formed when LAN Chile and TAM of Brazil merged. The airline earlier this year combined the frequent flier programs of these two airlines into one program called LATAM Pass.


LATAM previously offered status matches into its Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald equivalents. Based on a note that reader forwarded us it has been now reactivated. A German website wrote a piece about these changes yesterday (access here).

You can access LATAM’s website here.

What LATAM Pass requires to process your status match?

1. Proof of your current status (photo of your frequent flier card or screenshot of your online account)

2. Proof of flight activity (screenshot of your online account statement)

3. Proof of LATAM flight(s) in the past 12 months

If you haven’t had any LATAM flights in the past 12 months, perhaps it is now good time to plan a trip to South America (or just take their fifth freedom flight between Frankfurt and Madrid).

You can book a flight on LATAM and send them the PNR. Flight within Brazil and Chile are inexpensive when booked in advance.

The German website Travel With Massi (access here) suggests that you send the following request using the contact from on LATAM’s website (we have proof-readed and slightly tweaked the text):

Estimados Señores,

Tengo planes viaje en el futuro desde »choose one: Europa/América del Norte« hacia América del Sur;  en anteriores oportunidades he tenido experiencias positivas con vuestro producto a bordo. Actualmente mantengo estatus »Alliance status level« con »Airline«. Para poder mantener mis beneficios »Alliance status level« volando en vuestra aerolinea, me gustaría solicitarles el reconocimiento de mi estatus de viajero frecuente (status-match) en vuestro programa LATAM Pass.

Mi número de LATAM Pass es: »LATAM Pass membership number«

Adjunto la siguiente documentación para su consideración:

• Foto de mi tarjeta de viajero frecuente »Name of your frequent flyer program submitted + membership number«

• Captura de pantalla de mi extracto de cuenta élite

• Tarjeta de embarque y ticket de vuelo LATAM en el último año.

• [Optional] Localizador/e-ticket de mi próximo vuelo con LATAM: » Reservation number (PNR) or Eticker number(s) of your LATAM flight(s)«.

Muchas gracias por su atención

Saludos cordiales,

“A name”

They have previously matched to both Oneworld Sapphire and Black equivalents in their program.

LATAM Pass recently “enhanced” their program and made the unlimited upgrades to their Black members only available from more expensive fares (read more here). Also, you now need to have a $$$$ requirement and very high percentage of flights on LATAM to reach the higher tiers instead of on Oneworld.


Doing this match can make sense for someone who holds top tier with Star Alliance or SkyTeam and would like to get started with Oneworld, and has either had one LATAM flight within the past 12 months or can invest $100 for booking one

I would not, however, credit any flights to LATAM Pass but rather have another program for crediting purposes and use LATAM Pass status only for airport services such as business/first class check in and lounge.