Marriott Rewards: Stays From Legacy Starwood Properties Not Posting For Weeks (At All) ?


It appears that the saga (disaster really) of the Marriott Rewards/SPG merger goes in yet another round as readers complain about stays completed at SPG Legacy brands not posting to the account.

Remember that you can always email us, send a message via Facebook or use Twitter and include photos too as we’ll try to cover issues related to the merger here as they appear.

With the problems on / off property mounting the customers are in the process of losing their patience with the chain. We have covered the troubles surrounding the merger ad nauseam here at LoyaltyLobby but unfortunately they just won’t end.

Now another obstacle seems to pop up: Legacy Starwood Hotels not posting the stays properly to the loyalty account.

Reader have complained through comments, emails and Facebook for weeks that their stay credits are M.I.A. and it seems that certain properties have really big trouble getting their stays through to Marriott Rewards.

So far I wasn’t able to confirm this as my last few SPG stays in Kuala Lumpur did post within a couple of days but then I started to stay at properties in the U.S. and none of them post to my account yet:

  • 7-8 NOV Westin Las Vegas
  • 9-10 NOV Sheraton LAX
  • 10-11 NOV W Hollywood
  • 11-12 NOV Sheraton LAX

Usually SPG stays post very fast but so far it’s been between 7-10 days and no points or stay credit has shown up. I emailed the hotel and received no response from them either.

You have to wait 10 days until you file a missing stay claim on the Marriott Rewards site and then also have to submit your folio to ensure stays to post.

I need to wait another day until I can finally request the first missing stay to be retroactively credited and who knows how long that’s gonna take.

It’s possible that properties now have to post all their stays manually and are severely backlogged. Can you imagine a property with several hundred rooms a night needing to manually enter stays on a daily basis? Ok, a lot of guests don’t participate in a rewards program or book through third party but still.


Marriott should have never ever tempered with the SPG platform which is a combined set of shambles now enraging customers and causing trouble at the property level. Incredible how these big companies decide to just throw such a vital part of their distribution network into cold water just to see how it goes. Is that ignorance, arrogance or both?