Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Fast Track Offers With Instant Silver


Hilton Honors has for years offered number of fast track offers for their corporate partners usually requiring four or six stays to reach Gold status within 90 days.

Hilton Honors Elite Fast Track Offers

Now, Hilton Honors appears to have revamped them all and made them based on NIGHTS and instead of STAYS. Members can also qualify for Diamond status in addition to the Gold within the 90 day period. These offers come with instant Silver.

Here are some sign ups: 3M (access here), Accenture (access here), AT&T (access here), BP (access here), Cisco (access here), Dell (access here), FedEx (access here), Ford (access here), GE (access here), Google (access here), HPE (access here), IBM (access here), McKinsey (access here), Nestle (access here), Oracle (access here), Pfizer (access here), Siemens (access here), Sony (access here) & UPS (access here).

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Hilton Honors Elite Fast Track Offers Requirement

Note that all eligible stays have counted towards these fast track offers including award nights.

Here are Hilton Honors status benefits grid:

Hilton Honors Status Match October 2018 Benefits Grid


Hilton Honors may have discontinued the very popular four stays fast track offers to Gold status that have been prevalent in the past. At least the MVP one appears to be dead at this point.

These night based ones are easier for those that don’t want to hotel hop. Also, this new fast track offer allow members to reach Diamond status faster.