Marriott Rewards New Program Name “Bonvoy” Leaked


Marriott announced earlier this year that then the still separate Marriott Rewards and SPG programs would be brought together in August under one platform (Marriott’s). The new name for the combined program would be announced in early 2019.

Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott has been filing trademarks since early October for “Bonvoy” and it was discovered yesterday that they had left the production website out in the open with some interesting information.

You can access Marriott’s website here.

Marriott’s trademark application:

Marriott Bonvoy Trademark

Now taken off website address:

Marriott Bonvoy Test Site

OMAT (access here) had taken a screenshot of the front page:

Marriott Bonvoy Front Page

Status levels renamed:

Marriott Bonvoy Elite Tiers

Platinum Premier has been renamed Titanium and Platinum Premier with Ambassador just Ambassador.


Seems that Marriott here has manufactured quite ridiculous sounding name without any meaning. I guess that they have taken “Bon Voyage” and paid some branding company few millions to come up with this word play.

Marriott again has lost the messaging when introducing the name like what happened with all the aspects of the combined loyalty program that were slowly being leaked before the official announcement..

Marriott has really gone overboard on the number of elite levels on its guest loyalty program. Do you really need FIVE? The former Platinum now becomes really the new middle level status level between Silver & Gold and Titanium & Ambassador.

Any other happy Bonvoy Lifetime Titanium Elite members around?