Reader Question: Does The New Hyatt Credit Card Pay Off To Ease Qualification For Globalist Tier?

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Today we have a Reader Question to answer which is about the Hyatt Credit Card which has been revamped this year and now comes with 5 Elite qualifying nights per year plus additional ones based on spend.The lucrative part of this card is the additional 2 qualifying nights for each $5,000 spent with the card which can drastically reduce the qualification hurdle of 55/60 nights for Hyatt Globalist and lower tiers.

In my previous article about the new World of Hyatt Visa Card I already outlined all the new features appear to be more profitable to cardholders compared to the current/previous card.

The annual fee for this card is $95 (up from $75 for the old version) but this is a little price to pay as the qualifying nights are a feature that can really save a lot of money if one is tethering at the edge of qualifying for a higher tier.

Jason wrote:

I’m about done with Marriott/SPG for obvious reasons and have been offered Hyatt stays by my company. Sounds great but I’m concerned about their high requirements for Hyatt Globalist as they aren’t offering any status match at this point.

Is their credit card worth it? I can run a decent amount of business spend through the card if necessary.

While I understand the frustration some people have with SPG and Marriott Rewards at the moment you have to consider that Marriott will start requiring an even higher amount of night per year to qualify for Platinum status than Hyatt does for Globalist.

Jason is right, the credit card does make sense in the way that it offers a low tier status from the beginning and the extra Elite Qualifying nights make it even easier to reach Globalist which has a first time requirement of 60 nights unless a special fast track promotion is offered (often the case for Hyatt card holders).

If a specific financial product makes sense apart from the benefits it has on the loyalty account largely depends on the spending habits so that’s very hard to answer.

Here are the details of the Hyatt card:

The cards earning capabilities for Hyatt points are actually quite good, especially in the travel and leisure category. 4X points for spend at Hyatt is actually very good.

The feature of receiving 2 additional qualifying nights per US$5,000 in spend is very attractive for big spenders as there is no limit to this. With a very heavy spend one could even get all the way to Globalist status though that would require $125,000 for 50 Nights plus the 5 credits from the card. However since January 1st Hyatt also counts award stays as qualifying so that would help and I don’t assume someone would get this card without ever staying at Hyatt in the first place.

The essence being: Even for a somewhat ‘normal’ spending pattern It definitely helps a lot on the way up to Globalist.

Furthermore the additional Category 1-4 free night once you spend $15,000 is a nice extra perk. Depending on how many credit cards someone has (in terms of spend distribution) it could be possible to catch this extra award with regular annual spend.


My personal experience this year after upgrading to the new card in late July was that this card saved me 7 nights and let me re-qualify for Globalist with 55 nights even. This was essential because I had a couple trips this year where I stayed at other chains or independent hotels. Would I have had to check in to a local hotel (even the cheapest ones) in order to supplement these seven nights that would have cost in the very least $400-450.

In the readers case I suggested to get the card and see how much spend can be put on the card to reach Globalist quickly. This is obviously much easier with business expenses than with personal spend. Overall Hyatt is a decent choice for as long as a customer can hold Globalist status. I wouldn’t bother much though if I had to deal with a lower tier.

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