Hilton Privacy Policy Update November 2018


Hilton has updated its Global Privacy Statement effective November 2, 2018, although the changes were posted to its website this week.


This update clarifies the organizational structure (data controllers) and (what is actually interesting) what information may be shared with providers and local authorities when WiFi service is used.

You can access Hilton’s Privacy Policy here (worth a read)!

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Here are the changes:

Hilton Honors Privacy Statement Update Small Print Entity

At least now I know the Hilton’s former and current structure.

Hilton Honors Privacy Statement Update Small Print WiFi

Well. I would like to know if hotel is required to share guest WiFi usage or name with the local government. I perhaps could then choose to use VPN in such locations or just end up tethering in the cell phone network instead.


It does make sense to read through this Hilton Privacy Policy. I actually made a request to get copy of all the data that Hilton has about me (they should have quite a bit) based on hundreds of stays I have had since early 2000’s.

If you live in any of the European Union on European Economic Area countries, Hilton needs to provide this information free of charge. Just fill out the form on the linked website.