Air India Aircraft Collides With Three Story Building At Stockholm Airport: Wing Severely Damaged & Pilots Suspended


An Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner with 179 passengers plus crew on board struck a 3-story building with its wing on the way to the parking position after landing in Stockholm-Arlanda.

The aircraft incurred substantial damage on the wing and passengers had to leave the plane over mobile stairs that were brought to the tarmac.

Even though there is no official statement what caused this accident, an anonymous airport employee said that the Air India aircraft used a wrong taxiway and hit the building along the way.

The Economic Times [India Times] reported on this today (access here):

The wing of an Air India aircraft carrying 179 passengers hit the wall of a building during taxiing at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, prompting the airline to de-roster two pilots operating the flight and launch a probe, an official said Thursday.

On Wednesday, the Boeing 787-8 (Dreamliner) plane had arrived from New Delhi and was taxiing to the gate when the tip of the left wing of the plane struck against the wall, an Air India official said.

The damage to the aircraft was being assessed, he added.  “Air India has derostered the two pilots who were handling the flight — the commander and the first officer — pending investigation,” said the official. …

Aerotelegraph (see here – in German) cited the airport worker who said that the Air India pilots have taken a wrong taxiway while going to their final parking position – unfortunately the pesky building was in the way.

Here are some images from Twitter user Tarun Shukla :

The plane is currently grounded in Stockholm awaiting further inspection and extensive repairs (no surprise there) and the building will probably likely require some touch up as well.

Based on the images above the wing jammed into the wall like when you take a knife and smack it into a cold piece of butter. Not a pretty sight at all, especially from the pilots perspective.


Air India has a nice collection of unusual incidents in recent times which doesn’t exactly contribute to the passengers perception of safety and proper crew training.

Just last month, the wheels of a Boeing 737 plane operating Air India Express flight to Dubai from Trichy had hit the perimeter wall of the airport during the take off but continued for its destination for nearly four hours.