Fabulous Fridays: Fixed Price Laundry At Hotels (All You Can Fit Bags)


Sometimes during travels you need to rely on hotel laundry or to find a local shop that caters to travelers.

W Bali Fixed Price Laundry

Hotel laundry is often quite expensive while finding a laundry place is not always convenient if you are only spending couple of nights in the city.

W Bali Bag Price

In the past couple of weeks, I have come across at least three hotels (W Bali, W Maldives and Hotel Jen Male) that were offering fixed price laundry to guests and I used one of them.

W Bali Bag

Was able to fill the entire big laundry bag at the W Bali with dirty clothes and sent it off. Got a call that one of the socks was missing its pair (they inventoried everything – couldn’t believe).

W Bali Clean

Got everything back in few hours very nicely done.

W Bali Bag Price Regular

I was first going to send couple of shirts to be laundered but thought that the price difference doing the entire bag versus the shirts was insignificant.


There are plenty of local laundry shops in Bali that would have offered this service at much lower cost (I know this). It is, however, very convenient to be able to do this as a hotel and get everything back very nicely done in few hours later.

I tend to launder my shirts at hotels regardless of the cost and then do other laundry at local shops at convenient locations at the right price.

This fixed price option is something I would like to see more hotels adopting outside of these more resort’ish locations.