Downside Of Checking Expensive Luggage? Thieves!


You may wonder what happens to those expensive checked in Rimowa bags that don’t appear to make their destination? Do they get snatched by airline employees, contractors or other passengers?

Well. Seems that there could be “gangs” operating at the airports that take expensive looking bags from conveyor belts for resale and make trips entirely for this purpose.

Here’s an excerpt from the Bangkok Post (access their piece here):

A Canadian and Chinese tourist have been arrested at Suvarnabhumi airport as they were planning to leave the country with expensive travel luggage stolen from another passengers.

Tourist and Suvarnabhumi airport police apprehended Li Tze Yueng, 35, and Lou Jieying, 22, at an airline check-in counter at the airport on Saturday as they were on their way to Hong Kong.

Mr Li Tze Yueng is a Canadian citizen of Chinese origin, while Ms Lou is a Chinese national.

Police also seized three Rimowa bags reported stolen from three passengers.

According to the Bangkok Post the arrest, followed a complaint registered by American Elsie Mullers with airport police on Friday. She said she could not find her travel bag after arriving in Bangkok on an All Nippon Airways flight and waiting for the luggage at a conveyor belt for incoming passengers.

Thailand;s Immigration Bureau acting commissioner Pol Maj Surachate Hakparn said on Sunday that records had found they had made almost 30 trips to Thailand through the airport. They travelled with carry-ons and stole baggage belonging to other travellers at conveyor belts by targeting the Rimowa brand.


I have always wondered does it really make a sense to check in a bag costing thousand bucks or more? It also implies that there are likely expensive items inside. Valuable indicators for any possible thieves.

Some airport require passengers to positively identify the bags with which they leave the secure area to (I guess) to deter theft like this from happening.

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