It’s That Time Again… Airlines Are Sending Out Mass Emails Urging To Vote For Performance Awards


Whenever there is a vote casting for an upcoming travel award emails of airlines and hotel companies come flooding in just like now when travel providers are once again lobbying for votes for their Skytrax ranking.

This time around it’s for the upcoming Freddie Awards, an annual travel industry award given to travel providers and loyalty programs in different categories. 

Companies love to advertise with rewards they receive and they lobby heavily so people go and cast a vote for them.

Today I got the first two emails of different travel providers urging me to vote for them and that doesn’t even count all the advertisement for it on the website of those and others.

It came from EVA Air:

These awards became a big business since it’s not just all free publicity for the winners but in order to use labels etc for advertisement there is a fee to be paid. At the same time the airline, hotel or loyalty program engages the customers. Same goes for the awards of consulting agency Skytrax.

This year the following categories are available to vote in:

Eva Air is actually a great airline and I really like their service as well as the inflight product but it’s not just them who are going to send out emails.


I have mentioned before in previous articles that I’m not against such awards but it’s becoming too much. Freddies, Skytrax, World Hotel Awards and countless more lead to an avalanche of begging emails over the year where companies prompt you to go and cast your vote for them. It’s Spam and a huge waste of time.

These companies should take a step back and consider that customers don’t appreciate very much to get swamped by the same material of different companies. Of course they want to win so it should come at no surprise that the emails keep flooding.

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