M life Rewards & World of Hyatt Extends Points + Cash Awards To Their Las Vegas Properties (Horrible Value!)

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I just received an email from World of Hyatt and MGM Mlife announcing that it’s now possible to book World of Hyatt award nights using the cash + points feature at their Las Vegas properties.

Unfortunately Hyatt has recently gutted their cash + points program with little to no notice and it’s definitely not worth it to use this at any Las Vegas Casino Resort as there is no value to be had.

World of Hyatt Cash + Points has been one of my favorite features but now that they went from a fix $ amount to dynamic pricing based on 50% of the daily standard rate it has become rather unattractive in 90% of all cases. There are some exceptions though where the ADR is equal or even lower than the previously assigned values.

You can read about Hyatt’s gutting of the C&P award here.

Las Vegas however has always been difficult to find decent value with Hyatt Awards because hotels are rather cheap especially during the week and the assigned points values high.

On the weekend it can make sense to use Hyatt points when rates are traditionally higher but even then it’s better to investigate what rates are available (especially the MLife tier and gaming offers) as those might be much more favorable compared to the points awards.

Hyatt has already added the MLlife property wording to their award chart:

I found a somewhat decent award for Bellagio on a Saturday night stay which had a base rate of $299:

However when I check in my MLlife account I get the following offer for the same night (22-23 December):

Basically the same price, no points needed and even a lower resort fee which is quoted with an insane $45 + tax on Hyatt’s website.

The real jokers are the full points awards midweek:

You can just as well flush your points down the toilet instead of using them at a casino resort under these circumstances especially since these daily rates reflect the standard rates, not the special offers available through Mlife.com which is usually 30-50% less.

The only decent award for Las Vegas is the Hyatt Place especially if you don’t like to stay at a large casino hotel and want to avoid the resort fee.


It’s always nice to have more options but Las Vegas is a market where loyalty currency is very difficult to return a decent value and especially these Cash and Points awards make even less sense than the full out points awards. The ever increasing resort fees do the rest to make it totally unattractive.I’m a big fan of the Mirage but whenever I stay there I usually find a rate between $40-90 so no need to use any points for that.

If you want to find a room at one of the nicer hotels on the weekends and have no MLife account then yes a 25k points investment rather than paying $300-400 can provide good value but anyone who visits Vegas on a regular basis and especially if the guest has Hyatt status should sign up for MLife and do a status match. This will result in immediate discounts for all MGM hotels and puts the value of points redemptions into a totally different perspective.