Positive Update Concerning The Posting Of Legacy Starwood Brand Stays To SPG/Marriott Rewards Accounts


Last month I wrote about the massive amount of complaints we receive about stays completed at SPG Legacy brands not posting to the account either for weeks or they never at all.

Remember that you can always email us, send a message via Facebook or use Twitter and include photos too as we’ll try to cover issues related to the merger here as they appear.

With the problems on / off property mounting the customers are in the process of losing their patience with the chain. I wish the most substantial problems could just stop and we don’t have to report them each week but Marriott seems to have no motivation to wrap it up professionally and expediently.

When I wrote about legacy Starwood Hotels not posting the stays properly to the loyalty account based on my experience in California and Las Vegas I wondered how long it would take the chain to fix these problems. Keep in mind SPG used to be very good in recent years posting the stay 26-36 hours post stay date.

Reader have complained through comments, emails and Facebook for weeks that their stay credits are M.I.A. and it seems that certain properties have really big trouble getting their stays through to Marriott Rewards.

Last week I had three stays in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to finally seal the SPG Platinum qualification based on stays for one very last time. I had to do some hopping around the hotels as Marriott & SPG were not very forthcoming when requesting detailed information about how many stays I still needed to re-qualify.

The stays posted within three days of the check-out date which is a normal and very reasonable processing time which is a positive sign.

So have these problems ended? I don’t think they have ended entirely as this might depend on the property. It’s possible that the individual hotels now have to post all their stays manually and are severely backlogged. Both the Element and Aloft Kuala Lumpur are relatively small hotels and one has to keep in mind not every guest participates in SPG.

If you have stays missing from the account then you have to file a missing stay request but you have to wait 10 days until you file a claim on the Marriott Rewards site and then also have to submit your folio to ensure stays to post.


It’s a positive development to see at least some hotels posting the stays in an expedient manner to the guests accounts. It’s a step into the right direction even though I wouldn’t say this is a blue print for all legacy SPG properties and their posting habits.

I suggest readers to have a close eye on these activities in their account and keep screenshots just in case there is any discrepancy later. A lot of entries, especially before August, are extremely confusing and only show up non-descript as “Migrated Hotel Stay” which doesn’t make it any easier to properly identify what this stay activity actually was.