UPDATE: Marriott Rewards & SPG Gold And Platinum Challenge 2018


Marriott Rewards and SPG both had separate challenges on their respective programs that were discontinued earlier this summer in anticipation of the program merger that took place on August 18, 2018. There are no status matches offered at the moment.


We first wrote about the newly launched Marriott Rewards and SPG Gold challenges on September 4, 2018 (read more here) when we had this as a reader question and then another post on September 28 (read more here). Marriott has now amended the qualification stay criteria for sign ups done on or after October 12. 

You can access Marriott Rewards page for Gold & Platinum benefits here.

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Note that only ONE room will count towards fulfilling the challenge, although you can get points for up to three. The previous SPG challenge allowed you to credit up to three rooms towards the challenge as well.

The current Gold & Platinum challenge is valid through until 2021 or until Marriott Rewards decided to modify or withdraw it.

Qualification period:

  • The month you sign up + the following three months.

Qualifying stays:

  • Only paid stays now qualify. If you signed up before October 12, award stays are qualifying as well.

Status during challenge:

  • Applying for the challenge doesn’t change the status that you have with the program (Base, Silver or Gold) until you have successfully completed it.

Previous status requirement:

  • None. You don’t need to have any status with Marriott Rewards or SPG.

Gold Challenge:

  • You need to complete 8 nights during the qualification period.

Platinum Challenge:

  • You need to complete 16 nights during the qualification period.

Requesting Challenge:

  • You can request the challenge by contacting customer care by calling or sending them a message. Read my post here about how to get through to them without having to wait hours.


Don’t see much of a point doing the Gold challenge due to lack of benefits (no lounge access, breakfast or meaningful upgrades) that all would come at the Platinum level.

You can no longer qualify these challenges based on STAYS but you need to do it on NIGHTS. On a bright side, you don’t need to hotel hop.

I believe that it probably was an oversight to allow award stays to be qualifying towards completing these challenges. If you signed up before October 12th, you probably need to contact Marriott/SPG customer service to have them manually count your number of nights (if you had awards ones).

Here are the terms and conditions of this challenge (posted on FlyerTalk – access here):

– This promotion is for existing members of the Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and SPG members

– Registration is required

– Existing Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and SPG members with base membership, Silver Elite or Gold Elite status are eligible for this promotion; members at Platinum Elite tier are ineligible for this offer.

– Upon making 16 qualifying paid nights within 90 days of date of registration, participant will receive Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards or SPG Platinum Elite status for up to one year, based on their loyalty program affiliation. After the first year, Platinum Elite status will be retained by staying the required number of qualifying nights under the terms of the Marriott Rewards, The RitzCarlton Rewards and the SPG programs.

– Paid nights at a qualifying rate count towards the promotion. Nights spent while redeeming an award are ineligible and do not count towards the promotion.

– The batch process for redemption stays for all who registered prior to October 12th will occur on a monthly basis.

– If member does not make 16 qualifying paid nights within 90 days of their date of registration, member will be changed to the membership level which corresponds to number of nights stayed: Member tier for 0-9 nights stayed, Silver Elite tier for 10 – 24 nights stayed and Gold Elite tier for 25 – 49 nights stayed.

– Nights stayed prior to enrollment are not eligible for this offer.

– A ‘stay’ is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/check-out activity.

– Credit toward this promotion is given for night stays with participating Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and SPG hotels which occur within the earning period.