Marriott Legacy SPG Stay Posting Issue Resolved Or Not?


Sebastian yesterday wrote (access here) about his prompt stay posting experience with two Starwood legacy brands in Kuala Lumpur after many complaints from out readers and our personal experiences with long delays and non-postings.

Le Meridien Ho Chi Minh City

He thought that the issue with stay postings must have been resolved that I believe is incorrect. Seems that these two properties where Sebastian stayed at in Kuala Lumpur are more equipped to do manual stay postings in the now Marriott world versus previous automatic ones directly from the PMS in the SPG times.

You can access Marriott here.

Marriott postings

I had Le Meridien Ho Cho Minh City stay the other Thursday that hasn’t posted, Sheraton stay in the same city last Sunday posted the day after checking out and stay at the Sheraton Kuta the other day posted today.


The problem in the Marriott world is that properties need to do far more manual work compared to SPG. There is far less automation and employees are overloaded with all kind of reporting requirements.

You would think that the stay postings would have been completely automated from the PMS (Opera) to member accounts but apparently this is not the case and human intervention is required at least at the international properties.

Years ago I stopped staying at international Marriott properties due to stay posting issues. More than half of the stays didn’t post automatically and I have better things to do with my time than to fax hotel folios to Marriott service center. Things are somewhat better now.

I did, however, have to chase my stay at the Boscolo Venice (Autograph Collection hotel) this past June and it took five months for Marriott to get the stay posted. Only after I threatened to escalate the issue to the office of the Attorney General the stay was posted within few hours.