Qantas & Virgin Australia Start Weighing Carry On Bags


Qantas and Virgin Australia are starting to aggressively battle the “overweight” carry-on issue on domestic flights within Australia this week and claim to weigh them all on either at check-in or at the gate.

Virgin Australia

The approved cabin bag weight at the both airlines is ridiculously low 7 kilos. Qantas (and I believe Virgin Australia too) allow an additional small bag in addition to the traditional carry on.

Here’s an excerpt from (access their piece here):

All domestic passengers can expect to have their cabin bags weighed before boarding from this week as Australian airlines present a united front in ridding oversized baggage from aircraft cabins.

Virgin Australia says from tomorrow, passengers should expect to have their carry-on bags weighed at various points in their journey, including at the check-in desk and the boarding gate, to ensure they comply with the 7kg limit.

Passengers with bags weighing more than 7kg will have to stow them in the cargo hold with other checked luggage.

While passengers can expect to have bags weighed from tomorrow, both Virgin Australia and Qantas will boost their resources at airport terminals from next Monday, December 17 as the crackdown comes into full effect.


My black 22″ carry-on that fits wheels-in into the overhead compartment weighs 15 kilos. The weight of my computer bag (nothing but electronics) is 12 kilos (a couple of laptops, cables, camera, external hard drives etc.).

Whenever I fly in economy, I do check in the black 22. But with most of these airlines it would be too heavy for even business class with these unnecessarily low weight limits.

I criticize British Airways for many things but the airline has the carry-on weight limit right at 23 kilos. Why not allow passengers to handle the bag by themselves as long as it is within the required size rather than use airline’s resources? I could usually check in anywhere from 2 to 4 bags weighing 30 or so kilos each due to flying in business class and an extra bag due to elite status but I choose not to. I have better things to do than wait for the delivery at the airport and then there is always the possibility of a delayed bag.

For both Qantas and Virgin Australia there must be an ulterior motive of starting to charge for more in the future and hence starting this weighing circus this week at the airports. I hope that it fails.

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