Check Your Marriott Rewards & SPG Accounts For 29 Ways Sweepstakes Deposits


Marriott Rewards had a 29 Ways sweepstakes to celebrate the latest MegaBonus promotion and the combined 29 brands that are loyalty program participating.

Marriott 29 Ways Ended U

The sweepstakes itself had some issues and was delayed by a week. Marriott Rewards also changed the number on “instant wins” each member could have during the period to daily (first it was only once).

You can access Marriott Rewards here to check if they show up yet for you.

Now, Marriott Rewards has started to deposits the points from this offer to member accounts.

A LoyaltyLobby reader just sent us a screenshot from his account that shows that perhaps couple of deposits could have been withdrawals? I asked from him a follow up question and he replied back that these would have been indeed deductions from his accounts based on his own calculations.

Marriott Rewards 29 Ways Negative

You should check the totals and make sure that Marriott Rewards has correctly posted the points in your account and not withdrawn them.


Glad to hear that Marriott Rewards has started to post the points for this 29 Ways sweepstakes.

This screenshot that the reader sent is indeed confusing. It has the mark “-” in front of the 1,000 and 2,000 deposits in the “- 2,000 Points Wins” and “- 1,000 Points Wins” but then doesn’t have the the “–” mark on the another line?

It is very difficult to figure out what is going on with one’s Marriott Rewards account at the moment. I have situation where Marriott claims that one award reservation has been redeposited back but I am 99% sure that it has not. I should go back and make an spreadsheet to prove otherwise.