Hilton Honors Struggling To Post Stays & Points?


Hilton Honors changed the back-end platform that is used to power their loyalty program. The goal was to fasten the stay and point postings to member accounts and being able to launch promotions quicker.

Old Computer

Something appears to have gone terribly wrong with this upgrade, however (not to the extend with the Marriott/SPG mess). It is now six weeks since the end of October switchover and Hilton Honors continues to struggle with number of issues.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here are Tweets that a reader sent us this morning:

Hilton Honors Stay Issue

Here’s an email from a reader who spends more than 100 nights per year with the chain:

I’m now waiting over a month for the Hilton “computer experts” who helped revamp their program October 31 to find the glitch that explains why my November stays can’t be posted, so Marriott isn’t the only problem hotel chain! The current stays are posting, but not the older ones just following the transition programming system.

Just had a stay at the Hilton Bogota that posted to my account:

Hilton Honors Recent Activity

It posted in less than 24 hours but the problem is that the points didn’t go to my account and the number of nights/stays haven’t changed?


It is obvious that this isn’t a complete meltdown with Hilton Honors like what has been going on with Marriott/SPG ever since August 18th but annoying nevertheless for affected members.

This wasn’t a minor upgrade but a complete changeover on the back-end. I just wish that the communication from the Hilton Honors team to its members would be better. There is no clear timeline when all these issues are cleared up.

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