Condescending Year-End Email From Marriott Rewards


Marriott Rewards has been sending out emails with a subject line of “A Note About our Transition into One Program”… with a very arrogant tone.

Marriott Rewards Email

The integration presented challenges not to “some” but to Marriott Rewards itself (and still continues) that had them woefully ill-prepared for the challenge using their outsourced IT team from Accenture. It was a complete “amateur hour” compared to any other program merger I have been through so far.

You can access Marriott Rewards here.


I am surprised that they haven’t shown Mr. Flueck the door yet (or given him a “golden” parachute”) considering how badly the integration has been executed… one that must have resulted in significant business losses and ill-will among program members.

How difficult would it be for Marriott to send out an email to its program members to simply say that we completely screwed-up with the IT merger and apologize for the entire mess for the past four months?

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