Reader Question: Cathay Pacific Flight Delay Mess


A LoyaltyLobby Reader sent us a question by email about Cathay Pacific flight delay ex-Bangalore that resulted missed connection in Hong Kong and the entire US itinerary fell apart as a result.

Cathay Pacific

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Me and my colleague took Cathay Pacific on 26th November we had booked flight from Bangalore (BLR) to St. Louis (STL).

Our itinerary was from BLR to HK and HK to Chicago and from the Chicago to St. Louis.

There was delay I the flight fro 2 hrs from Bangalore which resulted in missing connecting flight to Chicago. We were then made to wait Hong Kong airport for 7 hrs and then redirected to Washington Dulles airport.

We there again missed our connecting flight to St. Louis and Cathay put us to St Louis flight next day morning at 8.30 through Washington Reagan airport. They made us stranded at Washington airport for 12 hrs without providing food or money.

We had horrible experience with Cathay and we would never want to take this Airlines again.

Pls note instead of 24 hrs we reached USA from India in 48 hrs.

Also our meetings schedule had to be changed and our internal flights has to be canceled and rebooked.

We had to make rebooking of our flight from STL to XNA and XNA to DEN , but this we lost $2000

We want Cathay to pay us the compensation of $2000 for the losses incurred due to their delayed flight.

We flew back to India from LAX on 9th December and there was no drinks offered and saw bed bugs in the flight. I had horrifying experience flying with CATHAY PACIFIC and wish to never fly with the airlines ever.

Would appreciate if we can get refund.

It is unclear from the reader’s email if all the flights were on the same ticket or if they had purchased them separate that is often cheaper but comes with a risk in case of irregular operations (delays/cancellations).

It appears that Cathay Pacific did rebook the passengers to their ticketed destination in the United States but failed to provide accommodation in the Washington during their overnight transit. Reader should have booked a hotel at their expense and sent the receipt with reasonable F&B expenses to Cathay Pacific for reimbursement.

Cathay Pacific is not, however, responsible for separate itineraries that the reader might have sandwiched between their Cathay Pacific flights to/from United States and possible rebooking fees on them.

Difficult to believe that Cathay Pacific wouldn’t offer drinks on their flights from LAX back to India via HKG (I would assume that this is what the reader meant). You can always press the flight attendant call button and ask for refreshments.

Not sure if the reader confuses Cathay Pacific with Air India when it comes to bed bugs? Air India had several planes grounded earlier in the year due to bed beg infestations (read more here).


Buying separate tickets come at a risk that sometimes does materialize. You have to either accept this fact (and be willing to pony up during your travels) or purchase complete tickets that have all your intended flights (and often pay a lot more).

Reader here should have been provided overnight accommodation due to delay with connection. Cathay won’t provide cash afterwards if the reader didn’t book one and have receipts to prove this.

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